About Me


Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life?Kyle-About

That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you to grab it by the horns and take action, or have a desire to inspire and make an impact?


That was me back in 2014 when I hit a dry spell in my career.

As an outsider looking in, my life may sound good. Skilled athlete, national level amateur, junior professional experience but none of this was handed to me. It took even more sacrifice once I decided to turn professional and climb the ranks as a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and Boxer. The struggle was real with very little money and no steady job!

To my athlete listeners, trust me, I understand not wanting to have a job because you don’t want to sacrifice not training 3-4 times a day. You are fully invested and devoted to your goals, I get it and I respect that, I went through the same struggle. The difference is I found ways to generate streams of income to fund my career/ lifestyle, even make money on autopilot! I’m happy I was able to find the right tools to leverage so I can focus 100% on my game while creating cash flow.

During 2014 I read a book that changed my life called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. If you have not read it, click here => Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! After reading this book my mindset switched about how I thought about money, ultimately questioning being an Employee vs Entrepreneur! I still wish I read this book in elementary, however this is a long shot as the school system is so flawed… unfortunately we’re taught to be employees and kept blind folded to the many opportunities of a business owner and entrepreneur!

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad I took action and got involved investing in real estate. Couple years later another stream of income found me…

One evening I was at a dinner meeting for real estate and during our conversations there was a comment made that peaked my interest. She didn’t elaborate as she didn’t want to impose, however, I did not care as I saw massive potential for me personally and professionally. I gave her my card and told her to email me as soon as she got home. Once I reviewed the email I got up and went straight to her house, I was sold!



Although I came from a decorated Soccer background playing at a Junior Professional KO-Blog-Boxinglevel in Brazil, traveling abroad and competing in international tournaments, I transitioned to martial arts.

My plan was to gain as much experience as possible in the amateurs predominately as a boxer and wrestler so I would be polished enough to turn pro. Winning golden gloves, provincials in both sports and competing at a national level it was time to turn pro.

Growing up as a kid around drugs wasn’t easy. Staying up late on the streets, stealing food to eat, missing school and so on, I mean I seen it all. This gave me superior hunger and laser focus to reach success, no question this instilled great qualities in me to also live a healthy lifestyle. I’m humbled to have seen so much negativity in my childhood because my determination, motivation and drive is like no other.

As I grew and evolved my entrepreneur spirit, I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I began learning lots of ways to creatively leverage opportunities to generate assets and passive income to give me the time freedom to focus on my fight career and what I enjoy doing.

As my businesses continue to grow my number one vision is to become a champion, positioning myself to give back. My long term goal is to be able to help many young athletes achieve their dreams and goals with guidance and support that I never had. I know support goes a long way especially for kids that are less fortunate.



I realized fast that network marketing had to be handled like a business if I wanted it to pay me like one. The big take away for me about leveraging a business as opposed to a J.ust O.ver B.roke, was the fact that it can be my 5 year plan rather then a 40 year plan. I like the sounds of a 5 year plan better and knew how I can leverage my business to maximize it into something MASSIVE.

Being an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, I want to impact many people gain proper health, longevity and time freedom to enjoy life on their own terms.

In 2016 I went all in with my new business, life is too short to play small!



I’m so blessed and grateful for the life God provided me with. I’m 26 years old and Kyle-Trish-Cabohave the time freedom to grow my businesses and fully focus on my fighting career to win titles.

I’m very grateful this opportunity found me, I’m able to impact people’s lives from all angles and nothing enlightens me so much in help people for the better. I’d never switch being an entrepreneur for anything, the potential is endless with too much tools at your fingertips to fail.

I’m so fortunate to wake up every morning to do what I want with the love of my life, Patricia!

We get to help people daily, have fun with friends and family, get good workouts in and of course travel, explore and have fun. This also happens to be my business, isn’t it amazing to make your passion your business?

I’m pumped to connect with you friend, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and let me know if I can add value to your business/ life.

Kyle Oliveira.